About Us

THE LAW OFFICE OF TIMOTHY A. MCDONOUGH represents, primarily, victims of personal injury and accident incidents involving negligence, intentional torts and strict liablity. The office also represents clients with respect to other legal matters throughout Los Angeles, San Bernardino County and the entire State of California.

Timothy A. McDonough has been a resident of Los Angeles County for some forty (40) years and has acquied an Associate Degree in Administration of Justice / Police Science, a Bachelor of Science in Laws Degree and a Juris Doctor Degree. Mr. McDonough was previously employed as a Loss Prevention Agent for a major Department Store, as well as a law clerk, paralegal and investigator for a Los Angeles County Law Firm He was admitted to the practice of law in California in June, 1989 and was employed as Associate Counsel for two law firms, thereafter opening his own Law Office in 1994.

The Law Office has an emphasis in Personal Injury and Accident Law, as well as other legal matters with a focus towards representing Personal Injury clients and Accident Victims throughout the State of California.

Mr. McDonough is a member of the California State Bar and Eastern Bar Association of Los Angeles County. Further, he is licensed to practice law in all of the State Courts of California as well as in Federal Court.

Mr. McDonough is a Retired, Level I, Reserve Peace Officer after over twenty (20) years of Service within Los Angeles County and has been a member of a variety of of other government and other organizations including Historical Societies as well as being an adjunct College Professor in San Bernardino County and a volunteer in community service for over fifteen years in various Capacities. Speak with an attorney, not a clerk or secretary.

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